About Us

Dr. Leo Parvis, our company president and diversity director, a Christian Persian Democrat, teaches cultural diversity at Dunwoody College in Minneapolis. He served on the Board of the League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions, and the Chaska (Minnesota) Human Rights Commission for 5 years. Dr. Parvis is a member of the National Association of Multicultural Education, the National Association of Ethnic Studies, and the International Leadership Institute. He is a diversity consultant, speaker, and author, currently working on diversity curriculum for various age levels. See his book, "Understanding Cultural Diversity in Today's Complex World" in our online store.


Julie K. Parvis, is an award-winning marketing diva and writer who is an overweight Lutheran Democrat, with a Scandinavian, Native American, Syrian, Basque, Irish, English (and probably more!) background with a life full of an amazing array of diverse friends and family. She was raised to be open-minded and accepting. Even as a little girl, her parents read stories to her about diverse people, they enjoyed a wide variety of ethnic foods, and watched a variety of diverse TV shows and movies (her favorite shows growing up were "Julia," featuring Diahann Carroll playing a widowed single mother who was a nurse; "Bridget loves Bernie," a show about a young Jewish man and a Christian girl who get married against their parents wishes; and many other shows featuring diversity in a number of ways). She is the author of 4 unpublished children's books dealing with diverse issues. After editing all of Dr. Leo's publications, Julie has become pretty familiar with diversity education herself!