Need a Speaker?

Are you looking for a speaker for your next diversity event? Dr. Leo Parvis is your guy! 

Dr. Leo Parvis has over 20 years of teaching, speaking, and professional experience, which includes international experience in a number of countries. He covers a variety of diversity-related topics, including diversity in the workplace, managing diversity, how to start a diversity program, how to create a diversity council, and much more!

He is currently a principal cultural diversity instructor at Dunwoody College of Technology, and President and Diversity Director for and Embrace Publications & Consulting.  He has done extensive research on and studies a number of social and behavioral sciences problems.

In July 2007, he was given the 2007 Outstanding Alumni Award for his work in the diversity field and in creating social change from Walden University.

He earned his doctorate in Health and Human Services in 1998. He is the author of the book "Understanding Cultural
Diversity in Today's Complex World," plus other educational materials and many diversity-related articles. He also writes a regular column entitled "Eye on Diversity" for the Chaska Herald.

He is a member of several diversity-related associations. His professional style, ability to interject humor and relevant examples into his presentations, attention to detail, personal service and ability to make deadlines, make him a sought-after consultant and presenter.

To check to see if he is available for the date of your event, please e-mail Dr. Leo at:


Nonprofits in the Twin Cities $150.00/hour

For-profits in the Twin Cities $200.00/hour

Nonprofits in greater MN $200.00/hour plus travel expenses

For-profits in greater MN $250.00/hour plus travel expenses

Nonprofits ½ day rate outside of MN $1250.00 plus travel expenses

For-profits ½ day rate outside of MN $2000.00 plus travel expenses 

Dr. Parvis can speak to just about any size group and a variety of ages...he has made diversity presentations to 600 elementary school children to adults from many occupations, including educators, realtors, administrators, executives, building inspectors, church groups and more.